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Ryan Woodcraft is a husband, father, and retired Army Chief Warrant Officer whose time at Fort Bliss led him to choose El Paso as the place to live and serve. Now, he is running as a Libertarian candidate for El Paso County Commissioner, Precinct 1.

Why Ryan is Running

Ryan is running because he wants to continue to serve El Pasoans and ensure that everyone in this great community has the freedom and opportunity to achieve success without undue government interference.

For far too long, the residents of El Paso County have borne the brunt of one of the highest tax rates in the entire nation and an unsustainable level of non-voter-approved debt. Endless rising taxes have caused our population to stagnate and stand in the way of business and economic opportunity. If we truly want El Pasoans to thrive, we must put money back in their pockets, not the pockets of government bureaucrats with private agendas.

Sound fiscal management also means issuing debt only when it is truly necessary. Lately the County has supported the issuance of large bonds without voter approval, to support "quality of life" projects that would best be supported by the private sector. This puts upward pressure on the County tax rate which deprives El Paso families of their hard-earned income.

The County Commissioners Court has voted to increase their own salaries by 113% since 2016, calling into question their motives for serving the community versus their own financial interests.

Our County has seen a significant increase in juvenile delinquency in recent years. While there is not a simple solution, we must begin to address the complexities of this issue and can only do so through strategic partnerships—with our law enforcement agencies, school districts, and recreational activity centers—to help ensure that the next generation of community leaders is poised for success.

Fort Bliss is one of the premier installations of the U.S. Army, and El Paso County claims to be the "Veterans' Capital" of our country. We have a lot of work to do for this to be more than a moniker or proclamation. The soldiers who are leaving service at Fort Bliss are among the best in the world, and we need to enable them with greater opportunities so we can retain their talents in our community.

Traffic congestion in El Paso has been problematic for years. We look forward to working with City and State officials to find innovative and cost-effective methods, such as adaptive lane management, to improve commute times, saving El Pasoans time and money.

Those who visit El Paso know it's a special place, and that it's the people who make it special. Let’s show Texas and the entire nation what “We The People” can do when we work together to strengthen the fabric of what makes us great.